• Feel like your head may explode sometimes?

    Sitting in front of our computer and looking down at our phones all day often leads to stress and dysfunction to the entire body by firing up your sympathetic nervous system. The Postural Feedback Loop Good posture has countless benefits including improved confidence, better digestion, and better breathing. However when ...

    January 12th, 2020 Read More Comments

    LET’S TALK ABOUT THE ON/OFF SWITCH FOR YOUR ENTIRE BODY I had a new patient start care last year and learned something new from him about the most important area in your body. He’s in the U.S. Army reserves now but he was trained ...

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  • Are You in Fight-or-Flight Mode All Day?

      Are you in fight-or-flight mode all day?  Any stressful incident can make your heart pound, your breath shorten, your jaw clench, and your muscles tense up. A combination of reactions to stress is known as the "fight-or-flight" response. It’s there to save your life. ...

    October 24th, 2019 Read More Comments
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