The Top 5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Published December 23rd, 2022 by Devteam

Lower back pain is a common complaint for pregnant women and affects an estimated 50% of women during their pregnancies. While there are many reasons why you may be experiencing aches and pains during your pregnancy, there are ways that you can treat them. 

One option is visiting a prenatal chiropractor for an adjustment. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of getting chiropractic care during pregnancy? 

Keep reading this guide for the top five benefits of scheduling a prenatal chiropractic appointment!

1. Eases Many Pregnancy Symptoms

One of the biggest benefits of getting adjusted during pregnancy is that it can alleviate your pain. During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes that allow your baby to grow. Many of these changes can cause spine misalignment and other uncomfortable symptoms. 

For example, you will gain weight in the front of your body which can throw off your balance and may lead to misaligned joints. As your uterus grows, your abdominal muscles will also weaken and may not support your spine as they should. 

Something else that can cause pregnancy pain is the release of the hormone relaxin. This relaxes your joints and ligaments and is necessary to prepare your body for labor and delivery. However, it also makes it easier for your joints to slip out of alignment. 

Getting aligned during your pregnancy is an easy way to ease this discomfort and keep your body in the proper position. 

Not only can a chiropractic adjustment improve the alignment of your body, but it can also help you ease pregnancy nausea. This is because chiropractors work on the nervous system, which can help if you experience morning sickness.

Plus, morning sickness can be caused to pinched nerves, so your chiropractor may be able to eliminate this issue. 

2. Shorter Labor Times

Another reason why many people get chiropractic adjustments as part of their prenatal care is that it shortens labor times. In fact, studies show that women that get adjusted during pregnancy had an average of 24% shorter labor times. This percentage increases for women that have been pregnant before!

This is because working with a chiropractor can help you align your pelvic region. This is where the baby must pass through for birth. 

If you are not properly aligned, it is easier for your baby to get stuck and it may take them longer to get into a proper birth position. Not only will chiropractic care keep your labor canal aligned, but it also decreases intrauterine constraints! 

This makes it easier for the baby to position itself. If you want to improve your labor experience and spend less time delivering your baby, regular chiropractic appointments during your pregnancy may be able to help. 

3. Many Treatment Options

Even if you don't want to get your spine adjusted during your pregnancy, there are many different chiropractic treatments that are perfectly safe for pregnant women. 

For example, your chiropractor can use heat and ice therapy to treat pregnancy pains and swelling. These treatments increase your blood flow, loosen stiff muscles, and more. This way, you can move more comfortably during your pregnancy. 

Many chiropractic centers also offer massage therapy services. Massage can soothe many types of pregnancy discomfort, whether done with a handheld device or when done by a massage therapist. 

Lastly, spinal decompression can help you reduce your sciatica pain when pregnant. This is because your chiropractor can stretch and lengthen your spine to reduce the pressure on your affected discs. 

4. Creates More Space for Babies

As you progress throughout your pregnancy, your baby gets more and more cramped inside your uterus. There is only so much space for them to grow! Luckily, chiropractic care can help you reposition your baby to provide it with more room. 

As was mentioned before, this allows them to move into an optimal laboring position. For example, if your baby is in the breech position, your healthcare provider will likely want them to turn before you give birth. 

Going to the chiropractor at least once a week in the final stages of your pregnancy can help you create more space for your baby while allowing them to move into a more optimal position to prepare for birth. 

5. Faster Postpartum Recovery

Finally, chiropractic corrective care can also help you improve your postpartum recovery. Being adjusted before you deliver your baby will allow you to heal more quickly. This is because chiropractic care improves the alignment and flexibility of your spine and allows you to stay balanced. 

Plus, it stimulates your nervous system!

Not only can adjustments help you recover more quickly, but they can also help you with many types of postpartum aches and pains. For example, many new mothers experience pain in the middle of their backs and in their necks. 

This is often due to their posture while nursing or feeding a baby. Your chiropractor can get your neck and spine back into alignment to reduce this pain. They can also provide you with types and tricks to improve your posture to prevent the same issues from coming up over and over. 

Looking For Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy? 

When you are preparing for the birth of your child, your body goes through many changes. Scheduling chiropractic care during pregnancy is an easy way to ease uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, improve your labor experience, and more. 

If you need help with chiropractic care for pregnant women, Ocean Chiropractic Center of Aventura can help! We specialize in corrective chiropractic care and can help you get your body back into alignment. 

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic prenatal care or to schedule an appointment!

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