5 Common Causes of Neck Pain (and How a Chiropractor Can Help)

Published August 3rd, 2022 by Devteam

Upwards of 80% of adults will experience significant neck pain that interferes with their daily activities at some point in their life, according to the National Institutes of Health. Minor neck aches can result from something as simple as a poorly positioned pillow at night. These temporary aches tend to resolve on their own.

Chronic neck pain requires professional interventions. Have you ever wondered what exactly causes neck pain? We'll explore that question while highlighting some common treatments that our chiropractor offers.

Accidents and Injuries

Any sudden or abrupt movement of the neck can cause a head to rebound and other stressful movements. This type of injury is called whiplash and results from physical accidents and car wrecks. Sports injuries are another source of this type of injury. 

Whiplash due to car crash or sports injury can lead to significant neck pain due to the misalignment of the neck bones and/or muscles and ligaments.  Prompt care is imperative to reduce the formation of permanent scar tissue and to prevent chronic long-term pain and arthritis formation.

When this contraction goes untreated, the results can be pain, reduced mobility, and stiffness. Significant whiplash can lead to injury to the spinal discs and joints. Muscles, ligaments, and nerve roots can become injured as well.

Poor Posture

Modern life is largely to blame for our posture problems. Sometimes we hold our smartphones between our ears and shoulder for long periods.

We may lurch over our laptops and computers as we work. Office chairs are notorious for placing strain on our backs and necks. 

Even texting can lead to prolonged periods where we're looking down. Any action that places the neck in a particular orientation for long periods of time can fatigue neck muscles and cause pain. 

If you are noticing the early signs of neck pain, pay attention to your posture. If you catch the problem early enough, you may be able to prevent long-term problems. Otherwise, it may be time to work with a qualified chiropractor.

Muscle Strain

Many of us have experienced some form of muscle strain. This often-temporary problem is characterized by stiffness and difficulty moving your head. 

Neck muscle strain can result from poor sleep posture, inadequate neck support at night, or holding a phone between your shoulder and ear for long periods of time. Our chiropractor will inquire into these possibilities during your consultation. 

Heavy weightlifting can also lead to neck muscle strain. The problem can also result from repetitive motions that involve neck muscles. 

In some cases, the exact cause of neck muscle strain can be difficult to determine. Our chiropractor can usually diagnose the cause of this type of problem. Dr. Kaler has been an active chiropractor for more than 25 years. 


Age and natural wear can cause a person's joints to deteriorate. Osteoarthritis is what medical professionals call this degenerative condition. The body often responds by generating bone spurs. The formation of bone spurs is a direct result of immobility and misalignment. This mainly occurs after some trauma like an auto accident or any other injury that leads to misalignment and lack of mobility.

Bone spurs limit joint mobility. They can also cause significant discomfort when they are in the neck especially if they are near facet joints or spinal nerve roots. Symptoms usually reflect as arm pain, numbness, weakness, or muscle wasting in advanced cases.  Any neck movement can place pressure on the nerves that radiate from the cervical spine.

Degenerative Disc Disease

When the intervertebral discs in your spine don’t move the result is degeneration and arthritis. This gradual wearing can cause discs to herniate or bulge outward. This places extra pressure on the nerves that connect to the cervical spine. This usually results in shoulder or arm pain and numbness.

Neck pain is one common symptom of degenerative disc disease. Pain may be accompanied by tingling sensations on the shoulder, hand, or arm. Some patients report numbness in the arms

Patients who seek treatment early on experience the best outcomes. There is no known cure for every case of degenerative disc disease, but a chiropractor can alleviate the pain and restore mobility.

Our chiropractor will start with the least invasive treatment options. This ensures that you don't have to worry about potential complications from the treatment process.

What Are My Treatment Options?

No two patients are the same, so each treatment will be customized to meet your needs. Most treatments combine multiple solutions that could include adjustments to your posture, diet changes, and adjustments that directly correct problems

Your chiropractor may recommend a chiropractic adjustment. Carefully adjusting the vertebrae can realign the spine and restore it to a proper position. There is a wide range of benefits that result from a healthy cervical posture.

Therapeutic exercises are another potential treatment that must be practiced regularly at home. The specific chiropractic Aventura exercises restore mobility and reduce pain. 

Our esteemed chiropractor is concerned with correcting spine and nervous problems and not just addressing symptoms. The aim is to improve your overall health. By focusing on removing interferences in the nervous system through spinal adjusting, our patients use specific stretches and exercises, along with special equipment used at home to address the root cause of neck pain.

Learn More About What Causes Neck Pain

Now that you know what causes neck pain, you can seek relief. The sooner you undergo care for neck pain, the more likely you are to fully recover. Our treatments deliver corrective care options that do not require prescription medications. 

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of having a pain-free neck and back, and restored mobility? Contact our office today so we can set you up with a consultation with our esteemed chiropractor.

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