• Your Migraines and A Greek God

    Imagine having an unrelenting migraine every day for six months…Imagine being a mom of three with a migraine headache every day… What took her migraine away after six months? A specific chiropractic adjustment to her ATLAS was all she needed! The Atlas is the top bone at the base ...

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  • Daddy, My Friends Said I Was Lying

    Daddy, My friends said I was a liar. Your kids know what you teach them. I’m just like you and love my daughter more than anything else in the whole world. I watch her as she sleeps and hug her without her waking. She’s always priority #1 no matter ...

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  • Trouble Sleeping? Try These 4 Easy Fixes

    In a few weeks you’re going to gain back the 1440 minutes you lost during daylight savings time. Even though the definition of Fall in South Florida means one thing- less humidity, the pumpkins are in the stores and Starbucks is already serving up their pumpkin spiced lattes. Soon it ...

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  • Take Your Own Health Selfie

    What if I could tell you the future or give you a pretty good idea how something in your body would be 20-30 years years from now? To even take it a step further, what if the information we uncovered saved you potentially 10’s of thousand of dollars in ...

    August 13th, 2017 Read More Comments
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