7 Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Back Pain

Published August 31st, 2022 by Devteam

Nearly 65 million Americans report having had a recent bout of back pain. While living with chronic pain has become normal for many people, it shouldn't be — and it doesn't have to be. There are solutions available.

Many people only seek conventional methods of pain relief that their primary care doctor provides and never think about seeing a chiropractor for back pain. However, there are many benefits to seeing a chiropractor for your issues that you may not have realized.

Here's why seeking out a chiropractor can really help if you're suffering from back pain.

1. They Improve Back Pain by Addressing the Cause

One of the common remedies for back pain is to provide pain killers. Unfortunately, although this may mask the pain for a time, it doesn't address the root cause — it just blinds you to the symptoms.

Chiropractors work by adjusting your back to ease the tension and help get rid of the pain. This is much less like sticking a bandaid over the wound and actually working to find out what's causing the pain and get rid of that root cause. 

They should also be happy to talk to you about what they think the reason for the pain is, giving you more understanding about your condition. 

2. They Reduce Medical Reliance

As well as this, they can reduce the reliance some people may have previously had on other methods of pain relief, like drugs.

While pain killers are valuable tools that help in a variety of situations, becoming dependent on them doesn't only disregard the root cause, but it can be dangerous. There are many side effects to pain killers that patients can experience and many of them are unpleasant.

Finding a chiropractor instead can reduce the risk of these side effects. Some are more likely with certain drugs and sensitivities while some may appear if you take too many pills over time but, either way, it's always good to find a safe way to take fewer of them.

3. They Ease Pain Elsewhere

You may have pain elsewhere in your body that you didn't even realize was related to the same thing as your back pain. A pinched nerve, for example, could cause pain to travel up your spine and give you a headache and even jaw pain.

While many people experience headaches, most don't know the cause.

By going to find back pain relief, you might find more than you bargained for. 

4. They Improve Sleep

About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. There's a whole variety of causes for these, from physical to mental, but good sleep is crucial to our wellbeing and should be prioritized.

If your pain is causing you to get bad sleep, then a chiropractor can help ensure you don't have to worry about it. It's not just the physical aspect (where the pain might be keeping you awake so you need an adjustment) but also the advice they can give.

A chiropractor should be able to identify the issues and tell you the best position to sleep in, so you can drift off easily and don't wake up through the night.

5. They Improve Mental Health

Even if you don't realize it, living with chronic pain can take a toll on more than just your physical health. It can seriously affect your mental health too, especially if the pain has been going on for so long that you don't see the possibility of living without it.

Prioritizing your mental health is important too, so giving a chiropractor a try could give you a new lease of life you weren't aware was possible. Even if you're skeptical about the possible results of a chiropractor, giving it a try will surprise you.

6. They Also Improve Posture

If you have a desk job or just spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, your poor posture could contribute to your back pain. Even if it isn't the root cause, it can make it worse over time (or contribute to other problems).

A chiropractic adjustment can help improve your posture, allowing you to sit properly so you don't worsen problems or cause any new ones. If you've been struggling with your posture and have tried all of the tricks in the book, then try this one — you might be surprised by the results.

7. They May Be Less Expensive

Many people are worried about seeing a chiropractor to find treatment for back pain because they're concerned about the cost. Medical solutions aren't often cheap.

However, a chiropractor may actually be cheaper than the alternative. Running tests, medication, and all of the solutions a doctor can provide still cost money too. You usually pay a chiropractor per session and they can advise you on how much you need.

Check with your insurance if they'll cover the sessions or ask about ways to pay at the chiropractor and you may find out the cost wasn't what you thought it was. Besides, it's worth it to identify the causes of back pain and get rid of them.

A Chiropractor for Back Pain Is Invaluable

If you've been thinking about seeing a chiropractor for back pain, it's worth trying — even if you're not sure about it. A chiropractor can identify the root cause of the pain and work it out of your system, ensuring that they ease the tension on your back and prevent the problem from worsening.

There's nothing like the feeling of relief from chronic pain and there are many advantages to asking a chiropractor for help.

Looking for a chiropractor in Aventura, Florida? Sign up with us today — you don't have to live with that pain.

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