You’re Serious About Wanting To Change A Habit or Create a New One Next Year?

Published November 10th, 2014 by Devteam

You really want to make this change, right? Maybe you’ve tried before, and it hasn’t worked. Now you feel stuck. If you’re ready to step up to the plate again you may want to consider this.

I’m about to describe a dependable, NASA researched process for shifting a behavioral habit for good, once and for all! It all has to do with your daily habits.

NASA’s Research

Some time ago NASA was researching how its astronauts would deal without gravity, particularly with being upside down and the stress incurred on the body in space.

As part of this research, it had a bunch of its astronauts wear special convex lens goggles—goggles that made their world look upside down. These goggles basically inverted their whole world. They were required to wear their goggles 24/7 for 30 consecutive days.

What they discovered was amazing.

The first couple weeks were tough. Astronauts reported a variety of symptoms including, digestive issues, vertigo, high blood pressure, and a variety of other symptoms considered “not normal”. To say the least, there was lots of stress.

Amazing Part

Between 25th and 30th day they saw “the shift”, every astronaut’s world looked the right way up. Their brains created fresh neural pathways that turned the upside-down image that came to their eye, the right way up. Their brains helped them function more effectively!

Interestingly, when the astronauts removed their goggles, it took their brains another 25 to 30-days to view the world as you and I do, the right way up.

Later NASA did a second study that had half of their astronauts remove their goggles for 24-hours half way through the experiment, on day 15. For the brains of those astronauts to flip the upside down image the right way up, they had to wear their goggles for an additional 25 to 30-days.

Just breaking the continuity of the new “habit” once for only 24 hours, put the astronauts back to square one.

So….It doesn’t matter what it is!

It takes an uninterrupted period of up to 30-days to reprogram your unconscious mind and develop a new habit. This can apply to thought, posture, diet, and exercise!

You might also know it as Neuroplasticity.

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