Published June 1st, 2018 by Craig Kaler

The past few weeks have been challenging in the office. I have never seen so many new patients come into our office in so much pain and despair. I was angry!! 3 out of our new practice members came into our office with so much spinal arthritis and severely collapsed posture that I wasn’t sure how quickly they would respond or weather or not I could help them at all. I’ll get back to them in a minute. The fact is people are hurting in our community and other communities every day across America. Many people have been driven to depression and despair.

I was angry because several of them had been to no less than 5 different types of doctors and so called specialists over the years. They all got the same thing. Medication after medication and one diagnostic test after another like CAT scans, MRI’s, nerve conduction studies, and many sets of x-rays. In fact two of them came in with a stack of x-rays and test results a few inches high. I was angry because not one person explained to them that their condition was a direct result of their lifestyle. Not one health care provider told them their condition would worsen everyday if they don’t MOVE their bodies. So simple, its stupid! It was made very clear to them that no drug, no test, no doctor has a greater ability to re-direct the course they are on but themselves. All three are doing better as I write this morning. Two are back to work and the other (a senior) can move her head back for the 1st time in 5 years and has picked up exercising again in a swimming pool.

I know this does not represent all doctors but it unfortunately has become common. There are a lot of amazing health care providers out there. I feel like so many people in are so called “health care system” are just put in a barn or set out in pasture like an “old rusted truck” having too many problems to fix. It is never too late to stop, change, or reverse any condition your body is going through. Not a chiropractor, no medical doctor, no physical therapist, no acupuncturist, homeopath, and no nutritionist has as much power as you do to get better. You can help yourself like no one else can. All you need to do is make it a top priority and take the TIME to do it.

Don’t be like an old truck waiting to rust away in some field. PLEASE!

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