10 Things you can do to strengthen your immune system today and avoid Covid-19

Published April 13th, 2020 by Craig Kaler


It’s estimated that 70% to 80% will come in contact with the Covid-19 virus or a mutated form of it within the next 2 years.  What we know so far is that people with strong immune systems who are exposed to Covid-19 may never know they were exposed to it, or will have the power to overcome it in a week to 10 days, on their own. And once they are exposed, they develop life saving antibodies that create immunity to it.


If your immune system is vulnerable, Covid-19 could hit you like a sledgehammer and could be potentially fatal. The weaker your immune system the less antibodies you’ll have and the longer you could suffer.


When we experience stress, especially chronic stress, our immune system weakens and our body becomes increasingly susceptible to disease and infection. In agriculture healthier soil is synonymous with a healthier plant. To eradicate and kill the diseases and pests that attack our fruits and vegetables without fully appreciating the reasons why, avoids a potential opportunity to nurture the soil for long-term health.

To nurture the soil in ways that benefit its micro biome, and to increase its capacity to act as a healthy immune system we need to shift our thinking from one of attacking disease to one of nurturing the soil as a living organism.


10 things you can do to strengthen your immune system today and avoid Covid-19


1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet rich in healthy fats.

2. Reduce sugar intake

3. Reduce alcohol intake

4. Load up on vitamin D3

5. Take vitamin C

6. Add C0q10 to daily regimen

7. Take zinc and magnesium

8. Take curcumin to reduce inflammation

9. Take boswellia and CBD to reduce inflammation

10. Get Adjusted!! So much research on this

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