1 Minute Mind Release! It's All about The Vagus (Your Mind-Body Connection)

Published February 16th, 2020 by Craig Kaler

Stressed? Immediately slow your heart rate down with this proven technique.

If your in a stressful situation it’s as simple as consciously slowing your breath down for one minute or even 10 seconds with this proven technique.

THE VAGUS NERVE is the King of the parasympathetic nervous system! 

The vagus nerve arises from the brainstem at the base of the skull and also nicknamed “the wanderer” because it connects the brain to almost every organ in your body. This nerve which is the longest nerve in the body, is largely responsible for the “mind-body connection” and is the link between thinking and feeling. Because the Vagus is the king of the parasympathetic system the more we do to stimulate it, the more we cancel out the effects of the sympathetic nervous system also known as the “fight or flight response” which releases adrenaline and cortisol in response to stress.

To cancel out this stress response try this. 

Breathe six times in a 1 minute span. 5 seconds in 5 seconds out. Vagal activity is highest, and ️ heart rate the lowest, when you’re exhaling. This technique is so simple but works amazingly well. You can also do it anywhere.
Other ways to improve vagal tone include yoga ????‍♀️, a chiropractic adjustment, a cold rinse, laughing, and singing out loud.

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