Even though we have helped thousands of people over the last 15 years  here are just a few words from patients that wanted to share their experience

I was bedridden and had to have a chiropractor come to my home which allowed me to walk around. I did not reach the same level I am now under general chiropractic care. I had to come here. One of the things that changed is my stomach doesn’t get upset anymore, which was coming from my neck. With a panic disorder and insomnia. After being here, I reduced my intake. I’m not taking heavy medication. For the first time, I feel like I am going to go forward and live an optimal life.

I came to Dr. Kaler with severe lower back pain and would suffer from migraines at least once or twice a week. I thought it was from my lower back, but Dr. Kaler took x-rays and saw that it was coming from my neck. After being treated weekly, I’ve only had one migraine in the last eight months. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I’m not as dependent on medication as I used to be.

I came to Craig with some serious issues with my fingers, after going to several different conventional doctors, specialist, neurologists, etc, all whom couldn't solve my problem. After doing the diagnostics, he set up my plan of correction. After only a few visits, I could already feel a dramatic difference. He is very professional, makes you feel comfortable, and knowledgeable. I felt he was always looking out for my well being, and not what money he could be making, as several others sometimes make you feel. As of today, I am 100% corrected, and even feel better with other parts of my body that I didn't originally know I had a problem with. I will continue to use his service, on a monthly basis to stay in the condition I am in! I highly recommend him to anyone

Boris has high blood pressure and suffers from neck and back pain. After adjustments, Boris notices lower blood pressure and no longer has to rely on oral medicine. He also snores much less.

Dr K. is my 4th chiropractor in the area and will be definitely be the last one. I wish I did not make the mistake of wasting so much time with my first chiropractors.

I came to Dr. Kaler with chronic lower back pain, as well as pain in the shoulders, upper back, and numbness going down my right arm to my elbow. It was difficult to be productive on a daily basis. I couldn’t spend quality time with my kids, going outside, running around, and playing with them. I am happy now I can say that I am completely pain free.

Dr. Kaler is really great. He takes his time to explain the proccess and has a delicte touch. I recommend him all over town.

I suffered debilitating headaches for many years, I’m sure exacerbated by an office job. I work with a computer five to six hours a day. Dr Kaler worked very quickly to relieve the pressure. It’s wonderful to not have to take asprin or pain killers anymore.

Dr Kaler is amazing! He is very thorough, professional, and GENTEL. Years back I had an awful experience with a neck adjustment, needless to say I am nervous when it comes to my neck. He took xrays so he understood exactly what was going on with me. After the first adjustment I felt the difference. I was no longer dizzy and my eye-sight was clearer. I followed his protocol and did my homework, before long I was always feeling good! My 3 year old son and been seeing him since he was a baby. My son loves it. He lays on the table to get checked and giggles. He does not always get adjusted, only if needed. I drive from North Fort Lauderdale because Dr Kaler is worth it and so is mine and my family's health. Thank you, Dr. Kaler!!

Dave is a long time patient under maintenance care that suffered from back pain and stress. With proper chiropractic care, he experiences a complete reset on pain and lifestyle after adjustments.

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