Even though we have helped thousands of people over the last 15 years  here are just a few words from patients that wanted to share their experience.

There is no one better than Dr. Craig Kaler! He has helped my wife & I tremendously for years. We highly recommend him and his practice. Laz and his staff are great and super helpful. His expertise and knowledge are comforting and assuring.

Dr. Kaler is an absolute magic man! I slept wrong one night,and had terrible back pain...he fixed me up in just a few sessions! Amazing! Anyone with a spine should go and see him!

Laz and Dr. Kaler are amazing!!!

Being able to surf pain free is the point of living for me!

I’ve had neck issues before, but I have never had an issue with the nerve pain like this. The pain was going through my right arm into my shoulder and triceps every time I surfed. It was the worst! I didn’t know what was causing it, so I finally went to an orthopedic and had an MRI.

The orthopedist explained to me that I had a disc herniation at C5/C6. The first course of action was a steroid treatment that didn’t work at all. The next option was physical therapy and if that didn’t work I was instructed to do an epidural and then after that it would be surgery. I wanted to go with the least invasive option 1st. It was so debilitating that I just needed to do something. When I started going to Dr. Kaler for chiropractic adjustments I waited about 1 month before I tried surfing again. Now I’m surfing and I don’t have any of the nerve pain. I’ve been doing the treatment protocol and so far, I have been nerve pain free. The adjustments by Dr. Kaler are different than I’ve had in the past. The other thing he did was give me home exercises and equipment to use to speed up the corrective process. I do them everyday like he’s says”. I’m so stoked to be surfing again!

The adjustments has helped tremendously with my blood pressure, an range of motion . This is a professional an clean establishment. Thank you for keeping me aligned.

Look no further, this is where you want to go.

Dr. Craig Kaler is hands down the best doctor I have interacted with in my life. First of all, he LISTENS, it’s been my experience with other doctors that they just want you in and out. In his case, it’s the exact opposite, he truly wants to understand your situation and will take his expert knowledge to work in a well thought-out program that fits your needs. I was shocked when, after my first appointment, he called my cell personally to follow up and ask me how I felt. Anytime I ever feel back pain again or my family, I will without a doubt go back to him.

Dr. Kaler is the truth - he has done more work for my boyfriend in the last month than other PT and Chiros in the last 7 months - his secret: he sticks to techniques that work, solving the root issues.

Aside from proper treatment, the abundance of knowledge and exceptional hospitality from Dr. Kaler and staff make Ocean Chiropractic THE preferred option for chiropractic care.

As a reference, Dr. Kaler teaches professionals - his experience within the field is unmatched, and it shows - from treatment to results and all in between

Dr Kaler is a real game changer! He is always updating his skills, and takes his time to listen to what is botherIng my neck and back. Not only are you well adjusted, but you also receive education on how to avoid and prevent future injuries.

I won’t go anywhere else for adjustments!


Matt Green


Dr Kaler. Is hands down the most caring all around best chairopractor I have ever been to. I am in disbelief of how much he helped me with my neck problem that I thought was a shoulder problem. Night to day in just one session thank you ocean chairopractic I owe you guys the rest of my vacation!

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